JB’s Old Fashioned Pine Tar Handle Syrup


JB’s Old Fashioned Pine Tar Handle Syrup is a classic wood finish crafted from pine tar, pure gum turpentine and boiled linseed Oil. 

It’s my variation of time tested and proven woodsmith's alchemy that's easy to apply, dries fast and provides a blister free finish!

Our Handle Syrup gives both old and new tools a durable finish that looks like they came straight from grand dad’s tool chest.

It comes in a dark amber glass bottle so its ingredients stay as effective as they were as the day I bottled them.

Great for hand tools-

  • Axes/Saws
  • Hammers
  • Chisels 

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean both wood and *metal surfaces thoroughly.
  2. Pour just a dab of syrup; about the size of a quarter on a shop towel and apply it in one thin coat.
  3. Let dry for 15min and use OR apply more coats!

*metal~ Wipe the metal bits and pieces of the tool with the excess syrup from the shop towel. It also acts as a rust preventative!


The back story.

Pine Tar Handle Syrup was the result of a few guys shooting ideas back and forth for  a project I was working on with Creek Stewart.

In a late night conversation with Jason Hunt we talked about adding more than just my recipe to a video course I recently made. The video showcased how to apply the “black concoction” I use to finish axe handles- NOT how I made it.

For me it was easy to make but some of the process was tricky and needed to be done outdoors for safety. So the conversation soon shifted to just making the “stuff” and selling it.

We crunched the numbers and gave a shout out to our buddy Creek and  shared the idea.

It did not take long for his callback and told us that he really liked the concept and that he had already come up with a name for the wood finish in a descriptive text for his version of my video course!

He called it “pine tar syrup”... it made sense and fit the product perfectly.

Fast forward with the grand unveiling to his current Apocabox subscribers first and now exclusively sold here in my mercantile store!

Here is to good ideas, good business and and good friends.

Customer Reviews

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Best Finish You Can Get

Have been using this Pine Tar Syrup for a couple weeks now putting it on my axe’s, rakes, shovels, any wooden handled tool I have and coating some of the metal with it too. Gives it a revitalized finish, and pulls the grain of the wood perfectly. Also, a great woodsy perfume to it if ya catch the drift! Highly recommend!